Here you find a more in-depth list of just some of the services that VEHICLE LIFE SUPPORT offer. If you can't see what your looking for it doesn't mean we don't do it. So give us a call on 01749673282.



Unfortunately cars aren't indestructible and from time to time they will suffer mechanical problems..No panic..

VEHICLE LIFE SUPPORT are able to carry out mechanical repairs from engines and gearboxes to custom made brackets and mounts



Old and New,, all cars use electrics however with modern technology cars these days have far more electronics on board and are far more complex than ever before, but all VEHICLE LIFE SUPPORT'S mechanics are fully qualified and with our latest diagnostic equipment from the market leaders (AUTEL) you'll soon find yourself back on the road..



The engine is the "heart and sole" of your car.. look after it and it will look after you! Service it regular to minimise the chance of engine failure, but if the worst does happen VEHICLE LIFE SUPPORT can help.

We have the tools and equipment to strip and rebuild most engines on the common market.



Clutches are a "wear and tear" part they give the drive from the engine to the gearbox and they work very hard. Modern vehicles also have a DMF to help smooth gear changes. If the worst happens

VEHICLE LIFE SUPPORT is able to replace both CLUTCH and DMF or convert your car back to a solid flywheel to avoid expensive repairs in the future.



After your ENGINE. CLUTCH and GEAR BOX have done all the work to get you going, your going to need some thing to stop you.....The BRAKES, these are also a "wear and tear" item and unfortunately don't last half as long as they used to, but no big deal most brakes are relatively quick to replace and most parts are in stock and if not, then one of our local suppliers with on demand deliveries will get the parts to us as quick they can to keep you going.

Brake fluid is HYGROSCOPIC, meaning it absorbs moisture from the surrounding environment. This in turn lowers the boiling point of you BRAKE and CLUTCH fluid to near water level (100'c), in turn this means you will lose "feel" and efficiency in both brake and clutch pedal, and in worst case complete failure.

Fluid manufactures recommend replace every 2 yrs (Dot 4), however we can (and do on every service) out a quick test to measure the level of moisture.